Be Methodical and Objective
arrowQuantitative / Closed Form / Self Correcting
Corporate Governance
Puzzle Matrix
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Install your Shield license
to maximize your operations.
Define your objectives
and products.
Define your risk
matrix and quantify
thresholds for all
assessments and all
decision making.
meth matrix
Process Arrow Process Arrow
bar chart
Postulate & Assess Hazard Scenarios for any cause or causes
Assess and control inherent equipment failure modes linked to hazard scenarios.
Decompose, map, assess and control process failure modes linked to hazard scenarios.
Link product use successes and failures real-time to make continuous improvements.
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Integrate your policies & practices, ensuring bussiness improvement...
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Make the Complex Multivariate Puzzle Simple...
Methodology Methodology
Be Methodical and Objective. Quantitative / Closed Form / Self Correcting...