Shield About Us
A Dynamic Company
with Proven Roots
and a Time-Tested Methodology
Tailored to Meet Your Needs

We at Shield Technologies believe that informed, data-driven decision making is superior to subjective and speculative decision-making. Based on decades of systems engineering experience in the medical device, space, and aerospace industries, supporting a wide range of high technology products, the Shield solution merges the practice of risk management, probabilistic design, reliability, maintainability and safety engineering that promotes data-driven and timely decisions that outstrip the status-quo currently practiced by industries today. Our services include consulting and training that compliment your software tools, ALL focused on ensuring your success. We offer one-on-one ad-hoc support to full project team support with our experts.

Our Mission: Partner with you to reduce your liability and improve your opportunity.

Our Philosophy: Listen to you, honor our commitments and guarantee our results.

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